Smart Layer

The Smart Layer is a programmable blockchain-based service network, facilitates the execution of token logic, enabling complex interactions with various systems and tokens in a decentralized, scalable, and secure manner.

The Smart Layer presents a groundbreaking approach to address the issues of integration, privacy, and trust in the digital world. By leveraging blockchain technology, it offers a layer of integration that enables trustless token logic, facilitating a tokenized web with unlimited integration potential. The Smart Layer acts as an interface that permits token code to be executed within digital environments, managing the accounting, issuance, revocation, or expiration of tokens. This means that the Smart Layer not only paves the way for limitless integration but also ensures privacy and security.

Smart Layer consists of a network of nodes working together and provide Token integration service enabled by TokenScript.

In a future where everything is tokenized, the Smart Layer is the enabler of an integrated, user-empowered internet. It becomes the connective tissue between AI and the web, fostering a more dynamic, secure, and less centralized method for AI to access and interact with the web. The Smart Layer protocol lies a decentralized network of nodes that provide the infrastructure for the myriad functionalities of the web to be dynamically and securely integrated. Nodes in the Smart Layer network are incentivised to maintain their online presence and provide services to the network by Smart Layer's token economy model.