The Next Generation Web

The Smart Layer plays a crucial role in the future of the Internet.

The next generation web is going to be a seamless, secure, and user-empowered digital universe.

It is an integrated web, where use-cases are addressed by linking all web services by smart tokens - the building block of the next web.

It is also a tokenised web, a place where every interaction, every transaction, and every connection is facilitated by Smart Tokens. Smart Tokens are digital rights, goods and services, easily traded yet retain its function to support use-cases.

The Smart Layer plays a crucial role in enabling the next web. It transforms the way we interact with the digital world.

Imagine you're a health-conscious individual who values privacy. You wear a smartwatch that constantly collects valuable health data. This data is not just stored; it's transformed into a health token. This health token, encrypted and secure, becomes a key that unlocks a personalized web experience. When you visit a shopping website, your health token communicates with the site, querying for low-sodium products. The website responds, tailoring your browsing experience without ever accessing your personal health data. Your privacy is preserved, and your browsing experience is optimized.

Now, let's consider transportation. You own a car, and it's not just a vehicle; it's a digital entity represented by a car token. You decide to rent out your car through a rental management company. By linking your car token to their website, they can generate keys for your car for their customers. The services and utilities are tied to the car itself, not restricted by your identity as the account holder. This allows any authorized driver to fully enjoy all available services.

In this future web, integration happens on the fly. Integrations are created, used, and discarded as use-cases arise and end. The Smart Layer has made this dynamic, token-based integration possible, creating a more enriched and user-centric digital experience.

This is the vision of the next generation web enabled by Smart Layer technology. It's a web where users have control over their digital rights and assets, where privacy is preserved, and where new possibilities for growth and innovation are constantly emerging. It's a web where integration is limitless, and the user experience is at the forefront.