TokenScript is a technology that enables Smart Tokens, serving as the building block of the next generation web. It defines the token interface and contains the code logic that drives token adoption, integration, and secure transactions.

A use-case facing interface for Smart Contracts

TokenScript serves as a new interface for smart contracts. It allows for the extraction of information from smart contracts and presents it in a user-friendly manner. For instance, it can translate contract function outputs into a language the user understands or convert a "True" value into a ticked checkbox.

Integration with Business Processes

TokenScript can be integrated with business processes. For example, it can describe a shipping token to be able to receive messages. The method of actual communication can be implemented by other layers of blockchain technology like a message queue or even a distributed message queue.

Enabling Market Participation

Working on top of smart contracts, TokenScript connects the tokens to the use-cases where they are presented, indexed, traded, or function to enable use-cases. It provides both the deliverable and the payment side tokens to plug into the market.


To scale, the knowledge about the token (TokenScript) must be detached from the access to the token. It can work in the middle for the making of such tokens.


TokenScript is designed to separate token rendering code, and transaction generating code and package them into its container, signed by a party that the user is likely to trust.

In conclusion, TokenScript is a crucial technology that enables the creation and operation of smart tokens. It serves as the building block for the next generation web, defining the token interface and containing the code logic that drives token adoption, integration, and secure transactions. It relies on the token script engine in next-generation browsers and smart layers to operate these codes, paving the way for a more integrated, decentralized, and user-centric digital world.